Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raising Money In A Tough Economy

It's a very challenging time to be raising money for PTO's, nonprofits and other organizations. No one has money to give...Most groups fundraising totals are way off. So in tough economic times we need to think out of the box.

Have an Environmental Day or Earth Day Fundraiser. Your organization sponsors a recycling drive Collecting used clothing, textiles, cell phones, ink cartridges, aluminum cans, and paper. You can make it a day, weekend or week event. People will feel good about helping your cause and helping the environment by recycling. The more collection stations you have the more successful the event.

Take advantage of free advertising to create a buzz and get the word out. Give yourself plenty of lead time to build up excitement for the event. Try to make it a community event by contacting local businesses, stores, groups and churches. Ask them to run collections for you prior to the event.

A project like this not only helps your group but it pulls the community together. Everyone can participate an event like this not only does it help out your organization but helps the environment. This is only a few unique fundraising ideas. For more fundraising ideas visit http://getmeknown.com/uniquefundraisingideas101.html